Scotland needs a fresh start!

Sovereignty stands for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom and European Union, not rule by Westminster or Brussels. We look forward to living in a Scotland where the welfare of the nation is put first, the prerogatives of families are protected, and where our civil liberties and the sanctity of life are held as sacrosanct.

We believe that the SNP and Greens have undermined the cause of independence from the UK with their obsession for woke causes and their incompetence in government. Support for independence however continues to remain strong, and we seek to give voice to the legitimate desire of the Scottish people for self-determination.

Unlike other parties, Sovereignty has enshrined in its constitution democratic internal governance and the empowerment of the party membership to make decisions. As a member, you will have the opportunity to help shape policy, stand as a councillor or parliamentary candidate, or elect officebearers to stand for key party roles. You will be able to participate in party social and political events, including our annual Congress. As a new member, we will also send you a welcome pack.

Membership Fees

Currently, a year’s full membership costs £24 for the waged and £12 for the unwaged, while associate membership costs £16 for the waged and £8 for the unwaged.

After you click ‘Submit’, you will be given the option to pay by debit or credit card. Alternatively, we are happy to accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer, and your membership will be activated once payment has been processed.