Membership Payments

It’s great to have you on board!

All members will be invited to party events and will receive regular communications from us. Full members will have voting rights at Congress, allowing them to determine party strategy and policy, to elect officebearers, and to stand as a candidate for the party. If you are a new member, we will also send you a welcome pack by post.

If you are not eligible for full membership, please select the associate membership option.

Membership Fees

Your membership year runs for one year from the date you first joined. You have a 45-day grace period, starting with your renewal date, in which your membership will still be active.

If your have inadvertently let your membership lapse, please renew it using the form below.

Full Membership (Waged)£24.00 per annum
Full Membership (Unwaged)£12.00 per annum
Associate Membership (Waged)£16.00 per annum
Associated Membership (Unwaged)£8.00 per annum