Kelly Wilson

West Dunbartonshire Council

I am a Scottish nationalist committed wholeheartedly to our home of Dumbarton. Having worked both nationally and internationally in finance and management, I have an array of skills I am keen to offer as your representative on West Dunbartonshire Council.  

Anti-social behaviour in Dumbarton is a significant and growing problem. Damage to properties, illicit drug use and the extent of litter has led to a visible deterioration of our local open spaces and the misuse of disabled parking spaces needs also to be addressed.  

We also require action to address chronic housing by investing in appropriate social housing, additional green spaces, reliable rubbish collection, prompt road and pavements repairs for citizens and cyclists as well as additional community activities for our young people.    

My vision for Dumbarton, and which I would fight for as your councillor, would be firstly to amplify your concerns. I would also aim to address anti-social behaviour, clean up the town centre we pay for and inject life back into our town centre while promoting local produce. We need action to create a sense of community as well as to accelerate economic and environmental development. I hope you will put your trust in me