Moira Brown

2024 Sovereignty Candidate for Arbroath & Broughty Ferry Constituency

Since 10 April 2020, Moira MacPherson Brown has been speaking out against the government’s decision to shut down the economy, schools and healthcare and imposing restrictions incompatible with human rights.

“I want to make voters aware none of this could have happened without MPs IN ALL PARTIES nodding through 329 pages of barbaric legislation on 25 March 2020 AFTER the 4-Nations public health High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) group downgraded the status of covid-19 (see image below).”

MPs however ignored this downgrading, ignored the fact mortality rates were low overall and rammed through a “covid response” when clearly no response was required.

Intergenerational debt

Cost of Lockdown

Please think carefully before putting a cross next to any candidate aligned to Con/Lab/Lib/SNP or Reform UK or Alba because all leaders have displayed immense ignorance in their understanding of the facts which led to the roll out of pharmaceutical drugs still in clinical trial to be put into the arms of men, women, children and pregnant women for which there was only dire short-term safety data and no long term safety data.


Moira Brown is standing for Sovereignty in the General Election on 4th July 2024 against the globalist candidates in Arbroath and Broughty Ferry constituency.

NO “Net Zero” suicide mission.

NO LEZ Dick Turpin schemes.

NO lockdowns / Medical Martial Law.

NO travel restrictions.

NO 20 min neighbourhood open prisons.

NO stupid cycle paths in middle of roads.

NO gender questioning in schools.

NO National Service or conscription.

NO warmongering.

YES to ditching unfair taxes.

YES to petrol/diesel cars.

YES to reopening blocked and pedestrianised roads.

YES to gas central heating and wood burning stoves.

YES to education not indoctrination.

YES to freedom of speech.

YES to freedom of movement.

YES to removing politicians from the doctor/patient relationship.

YES to common sense.

I don’t make any glib promises!

The only promise I can make is I will never vote for legislation which would restrict any constituents’ human rights – to freely study, work, travel, visit family/friends etc. If a serious vote were required in Westminster regarding another “pandemic”, Britain going to war with another country or sending arms or troops to another country, I would hold local public meetings to determine the views of my constituents prior to voting.

If elected I intend to act on behalf on constituents who come to me requiring help. For example, I have already helped a man in the constituency to remain on a transplant list after a consultant doctor unlawfully and unethically threatened him with NO JAB = NO TRANSPLANT. I am good at composing letters and sometimes this is all that it takes for a situation to be resolved.

An MPs job is to hold authority to account on behalf of their constituents not to order them around which you can guarantee the other candidates will do because mainstream party MPs always vote in the same way as their party leader which means they work for them and their interests, not for you and your interests.

Vote for CHAINS OR CHANGE – it’s your choice!

Get in touch if you want to help Moira get into Westminster to shake up that den of iniquity.