2024 UK General Election Manifesto

Action on Independence!

Sovereignty is contesting two seats in the 2024 Westminster elections, and if elected, our candidates will take their seats in Westminster. However, as shall be seen, our candidates are prepared at any moment to join a majority of Scottish elected representatives in declaring independence from the United Kingdom.

Most manifestos are very much of the moment. A wishlist of bills to be repealed, and pet projects to be put forward, or the product of brainstorming session by a kitchen cabinet or some policy wonks.

This manifesto is different, and indeed it must be different, for Sovereignty has as its central aim the restoration of fully sovereign self-government for Scotland, not salvaging a flailing United Kingdom or rejoining a failing European Union.

It includes principles that may apply currently to the UK or a devolved Scotland, but whose ultimate focus is the newly-independent Scottish state. More than this, may this statement of principles serve as a signpost, looking ahead, through the transition to independence, to the land that Scotland might be.

David McHutchon,

Party Leader

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