Humza Confuses the Independence Issue Further

The SNP was formed almost 90 years ago. No one should be surprised that they wanted independence, that was a founding principle in 1934. That was then, and for a long time after, but now?

Election time sees Independence wheeled out, the SNP win an election mandate, and then nothing is done. After several recent mandates for independence, what has happened? How many mandates for independence do the SNP require before they do something about independence?

Should we continue to trust the SNP? Well no, Humza Yousaf has confused the issue further with his convention speech, Marcus Carslaw, an SNP MP staffer thinks so, admits that he is more confused about SNP strategy when it should have been a moment of clarification.

Winnie Ewing went to Westminster in 1967, as she told Harold Wilson, Prime Minister, she had come to Westminster not to settle down, but to settle up. The suspicion is that the elected SNP parliamentarians have settled down to a cosy career and the gravy train.

The SNP are not the only independence seeking political party in Scotland. Voters are no longer restricted to voting for independence by voting for the SNP; they can choose from Sovereignty, Alba, ISP (Independence for Scotland Party), Scottish Libertarian Party among others to vote for independence.

Scotland is said to be in a voluntary union. The problem with that statement is that Scotland cannot leave Westminster, that a referendum will not be allowed on independence, and, more importantly, that the SNP are compliant with this approach.

Mrs Thatcher said that a majority of the parliamentary seats in Scotland would mean Scotland would be independent. That has happened several times in recent elections. But we are not independent.

If there is no way out, and none will ever be allowed, what are independence supporters supposed to do? If Parliamentary elections are not the way forward, then the SNP should step aside or they could instigate a campaign of civil disobedience against Westminster. What alternative is there for independence supporters?