Press release: Vaccine incompetence shows Scotland better off outside the EU



Monday 5 April 2021

EU incompetence, obfuscation and bickering over vaccines shows exactly why Scotland should not pursue EU membership after independence, an MSP candidate for Shetland has said.

Brian Nugent, Shetland and Highlands and Islands Regional candidate for Restore Scotland, accuses Brussels of making “an absolute mess” of its programme and failing various member states. He commented:

“The EU has made an absolute mess of its vaccination programme, and is now casting around looking for someone to blame. In a crisis, you find out who can do a job and we have found out, in a life or death situation, that the EU cannot do the job. And yet there are political parties that want to take Scotland back into this hopeless bureaucracy. 

“Simply put, these parties have not been paying attention to real world events. It is time to accept that we are out of the EU, and that it should stay that way. Why back an organisation, the EU, that works against the needs and interests of people in Scotland by threatening vaccine export bans?”

In the last 24 hours, it emerged that several European countries are eying bespoke deals with Russia in order to bypass the bureaucracy of Brussels.

Mr Nugent continued:

“On the day the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for use for all age groups in the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that it was ‘quasi-ineffective’ for people over 65. Other politicians have made further comments that have engendered concern. The stance of Brussels towards the UK is petty. Now, EU members are turning to Russia to get the vaccines they so desperately need. The EU is not our friend. The idea of submitting to its diktats after independence is deeply alarming.”


Notes for Editors:

Restore Scotland is a new Scottish political party founded in 2020 on the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. The party is:

  • For independence from both the UK and the EU;
  • For individual liberties: freedom of speech and expression;
  • For the family and against undue state interference;
  • Pro-life and opposed to ‘assisted suicide’;
  • For a strong social security system that combats poverty;
  • For new, effective policies to help people out of addiction.


Twitter: @RestoreScot