Statement on Gender Recognition Reform and the Use of Section 35

As a party, we wish to reaffirm our opposition to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill (GRR). By removing medical supervision, and extending eligibility for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to anyone aged 16 or over who self-identifies as the opposite sex, the safety of women and children is compromised as well as diminishing support for those experiencing gender dysphoria.

Furthermore, we stand for the sovereignty of Scotland and its people and, therefore, also oppose any attempt to intervene in the democratic processes of Scotland’s Parliament. We, therefore, believe the use of Section 35 to be a blatant denial of Scotland’s sovereignty and right to political self-determination, and wholly reject it.

While we understand the desire of many to use Section 35 as a tool to block or overturn the GRR Bill, it is our belief that the Scottish Parliament should not be constrained and we must instead strive for a more representative politics. However, we also feel dismay at the calibre of legislation emanating from Holyrood. The GRR Bill is a failure of governance and of the legislative process in Scotland.

Scotland deserves MSPs who can put principle before party and truly represent the interests and sovereignty of Scotland and its people.