Alliance for Action

The answer to the question on how to get Independence used to be to vote for the SNP. However, their recent record in Westminster and the Scottish Parliament has led to much division on the Yes side.

Disenchanted Yes voters now have many more options. Other independence supporting parties include the Scottish Greens, Alba Party, Independence for Scotland Party, Sovereignty, Scottish Libertarian Party. There are also Independents for Independence, Eva Comrie and Sally Hughes.

Majorities of SNP seats in Westminster, and in Edinburgh, should have led to Independence negotiations. However, the UK government have said No, then the courts said No. The SNP are perceived as accepting the situation meekly when more was expected by Yes voters.

We are in a voluntary union that we cannot get out of. There is no parliamentary or judicial route to Independence. Let us make the General Election a referendum!

July 4 is the US Independence Day; let us make this Scotland’s Independence Day. Independence supporting parties and candidates can come together to demand Independence.

It is the sovereign right of the people of Scotland to decide what is to happen in Scotland.

Make all votes count. Any vote for any independence supporting party and Independents for Independence should be counted as a vote for Independence. A majority across Scotland supporting Independence would mean that the voters have instructed the political parties in Scotland to negotiate for Independence.

This assumes you believe that the people of Scotland are sovereign.

Given a majority, of independence supporting votes, then a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) should be declared by independence supporting party leaders.

UDI is the way forward for Scotland!

To be clear, UDI is not a request to Westminster to give permission to grant a referendum. It is Scotland starting negotiations for Independence! Party leaders should gather in Edinburgh after the election to take their mandate forward.

Winnie Ewing RIP said, ‘Stop the World, Scotland wants to get on’. UDI is the start of the process for Scotland becoming independent.

Brian Nugent is a former member of the SNP, currently Nominating Officer for Sovereignty.