Open Letter from Sovereignty NEC Member, Andrew MacDonald to First Minister John Swinney


Very many sincere congratulations on becoming SNP leader. I do firmly believe that you are the man for the job and maybe the only person with the honesty, sincerity and resolve to put the party back on track.

1988 Conference in Inverness was for me and many others the watershed when the party lost its way. The adoption of the slogan “Independence” in Europe changed the party into one of devolution and compromise. Such a meaningful change to the party’s constitution was declared rather than debated.

It also signalled, perhaps for the first time the leadership’s abnegation of the once valued processes of internal democracy.

You have at your fingertips the ability to lead the charge on returning the agenda back to Sovereign Independence and proclaiming that no political party can decide prior to gaining a mandate for Independence what an Independent and Free Scotland will commit to in a post Independence situation.

Those things, and inevitably some that might involve some amount of shared sovereignty are to be decided in multi-option referenda by the Scottish People.

Publishing such an honest proclamation of intent would be a salve to many and put you in an unassailable position in the eyes of the electorate.

I remember you fondly and well John from the early days and I know that you visited our mutual friend Niall Johnson in an attempt to lure him back to the party.

I wish you success and I feel that Scots will read you well and see your worth and integrity.

Yours aye,

Andrew MacDonald