‘Fresh Thinking on Scotland’s Future’: Restore Scotland manifesto, Holyrood 2021

Key policies: Full, sovereign independence from UK and EU; Robust defence of civil liberties; Radical action to end poverty and drug deaths.

The Restore Scotland Party has launched its manifesto for Holyrood 2021, setting out fresh thinking on sovereignty, civil liberties and welfare issues.

Commenting ahead of today’s manifesto launch, Party Leader David McHutchon said:

“I’m pleased to announce our manifesto for Holyrood 2021 which sets out our position as Scotland’s only party that puts true independence front and centre of its platform.

“There is a large and growing cohort of people in Scotland who not only want us to be freed from the shackles of Westminster but also Brussels which is, if anything, more remote from us. These voters are currently unrepresented.

“Worse than this, they are completely ignored by the political class. We plan to change that. A vote for Restore Scotland is a vote for a fully sovereign Scotland, free from outside, undemocratic influences.”

Mr McHutchon continued:

“Our pledges to the Scottish people today include a robust defence of their civil liberties – including freedom of speech and family privacy – after years of meddling by the authoritarian SNP. Scots are sick to the back teeth of their freedoms being infringed by an ever-widening state.

“In recent years we’ve seen sinister legislation to impose a ‘state guardian’ on every child, a move to criminalise ordinary, loving mums and dads who use light physical discipline with their children, and hate crime legislation that threatens to jail people for insensitive conversations around their dinner tables.

“In the last year, we have also seen a huge erosion of liberties during the pandemic. Mass lockdowns for sustained periods have seen small businesses shuttered whilst global corporations thrive, and people thrust into poverty. We will fight it tooth to see civil liberties respected and safeguarded if we are elected next month.”

“We also want to see a new approach to poverty and drug deaths – two of the most pressing issues facing Scotland today. These issues that have not been tackled properly by the SNP, which instead obsesses over people’s speech and private family lives.

“The fact that one in four children in Scotland are in poverty today is a shame on the Scottish Government. And the number of people dying from drug use is utterly unacceptable. A radical new approach is needed in both areas.”


Notes for Editors:

Restore Scotland was founded in 2020 on the 700th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath. This year, the party is fielding candidates in four constituencies and on the North East of Scotland and Highlands and Islands lists. The candidates are:

  • David McHutchon: Banffshire and Buchan Coast and North East Scotland Region;
  • Ewan Gurr: Dundee City West and North East Scotland Region;
  • Brian Nugent: Shetland and Highlands and Islands Region;
  • Andrew MacDonald: Inverness and Nairn and Highlands and Islands Region.

More information about the candidates can be found at the website: sovereignty.scot

Media enquiries can be directed to: info@sovereignty.scot // Ewan Gurr: 07903241473