Your Vote Made a Difference!

This is just a brief personal note to say thank you to everyone who voted for Restore Scotland on Thursday.

We also would like to extend our congratulations to all the candidates in the North East and Highlands & Islands for contesting a groundbreaking election.

Despite having only been registered as a political party in January, and with a shoestring budget and tiny team of volunteers, I am delighted that we were able to secure over a thousand votes in the regions, and, collectively, over a thousand in the four constituencies in which we stood.

Our significantly higher list vote where we ran constituency candidates vindicates our decision to give electors the opportunity to back RS at both the local and regional level.

The highest hurdle for a new party to overcome is not to advocate for the merits of that party’s programme for government, but to persuade the electorate that voting for a small party can make a difference.

In this our first election, your vote made all the difference in the world!

Every vote cast for Restore Scotland will better help us get the message about the importance of #TrueIndy for Scotland’s future. As we continue to build on today’s results, that belief will grow. Growth may come slowly at first, but in time we will start translating that traction into results.

By voting for Restore Scotland, you have made everything that will come next possible, and for that we are tremendously grateful.

Behind everything that you encountered in this campaign – the leaflets, newspaper articles, website, rosettes and social media content – was a volunteer.

The Interim Committee worked tirelessly to oversee the overall campaign, and to them, I am incredibly grateful.

Huge thanks in particular must go to Brian, Andrew and Ewan for running such empassioned constituency campaigns.

We live in a media era where major parties treat the electorate like mugs, and reduce their entire programme to a single slogan repeated ad nauseam. The major parties manufacture stage-managed campaigns that, for all their slickness, ultimately leave the electorate disengaged and uninformed.

Our candidates personally engaged with local press and journalists, and created content that reflected their vision for Scotland.

While the Tories filled every letterbox and roadside field with a single slogan, we were making the case for radical policies to slash drugs deaths, preserving Culloden battlefield from development, and reserving Scottish fisheries for Scottish boats, among other issues.

This was real politics from ordinary Scots.

What’s Happening

On the engagement side, we plan to shake up our approach over the next few weeks.

We shall shortly be ceasing our online open meetings, and moving over to meetings for members only. From now on, our time and energy will be devoted to the party membership.

If you want to be involved, then take a stake in the party, and join! Membership costs a very reasonable £20 for the wages, and £10 for the unwaged.

We have a pressing need for a party treasurer, and someone to volunteer to help with graphic design. If you would like to help with either of these roles, please get in touch via

More generally, at the first party Congress, there will be an opportunity to stand for the party’s first ever NEC. Posts are held for four years. If you would like to commit to serving the party through both the local elections in 2022 and Westminster elections in 2024, then please feel free to reach out, and I would be happy to try and dissuade you. It would take a huge time commitment, and we need persistent, committed people for the role. If after all efforts to discourage you, you are still willing to commit, then we would be delighted to receive a candidacy from you.

The establishment of a national network of branches is another strategic priority, and all members will be connected with members in their area, and invited to get involved at a local level. Branches will be based on local authority areas. We currently have concentrations of support in Aberdeenshire and Dundee, so the establishment of these branches will be a matter of priority.

If the Scottish Parliament elections have whet your appetite for getting involved, then please do get in touch!

And once again, thank you, in all sincerity, for speaking up for #TrueIndy.

Le meas,

David McHutchon