Kelly and Moira Need Your Vote Today!

If you live in either the Arbroath and Broughty Ferry constituency, or West Dunbartonshire constituency, then we would encourage you to get out and vote respectively for Moira Brown or Kelly Wilson.

Both candidates are committed campaigners for Scottish independence, and for the rights and prerogatives of the Scottish people.

Voting for the uniparty – the SNP, Conservatives, Labour and the Greens – will get you the same results: decline in our education system, in health, massive increases in drug deaths, mass migration, and major restrictions on your civil liberties.

Scotland can and must do better! We need a homeland where the interests of the Scottish people, not globalist agenda-setters, are put first. We need control over our own economy, currency, financial system, borders and armed forces.

We should be for peace, not war: a voice for diplomacy and reconciliation in the world, not division and conflict.

So, please, consider casting your vote for Moira or Kelly today!

Every vote counts. Every vote supports the argument that Scotland than can do better than a bit-part partner in an involuntary union!

The SNP have no plan for achieving Independence.

We do, and we would humbly request your support today.