Launch of the Sovereignty Manifesto for the UK General Election 2024

Sovereignty’s manifesto for the 2024 UK General Election is different, and indeed it must be different, for Sovereignty has as its central aim the restoration of fully sovereign self-government for Scotland, not salvaging a flailing United Kingdom or rejoining a failing European Union.

The manifesto is split into nine chapters, and rather than being a wishlist for what Westminster should do under the present constitutional arrangement, it provides a statement of principles by which Scotland in future might be governed.

It also provides guidance on how Sovereignty candidates, if elected to Westminster, might be expected to vote as unexpected issues arise.

While we seek Scotland’s withdrawal from the United Kingdom, we eschew abstentionism. It’s results in Northern Ireland have been less than impressive, while the Brexiteers were able to continue serving in the EU Parliament, while working towards the UK’s exit from the European Union. The issue with the SNP at Westminster is not that they are there, but that they have made themselves too comfortable.

Instead, we offer the Independence Movement a far more profound commitment, that once there is a democratic mandate for Independence, we will join with the pro-Independence majority in declaring independence, unilaterally if necessary. For an introduction to our stance on a Scottish UDI, check out Party Leader, David McHutchon’s address to the All Under One Banner rally at Bannockburn below.

For fuller information on our party candidates, Moira Brown and Kelly Wilson, please check out the following articles and page.

Moira Brown’s election leaflet
Candidate Announcement for Moira Brown
Kelly Wilson’s Profile