National and Local Press React to the Launch of Restore Scotland

Great to see coverage in the national press, local press, and blogosphere of the launch of Restore Scotland which took place two days ago.

Here are some highlights:

Kevin McKenna at The National: New pro-indy party may not be a bad thing for Yes movement

Yet, it’s Restore Scotland which, I think, offers the most interesting possibilities in its bold questioning of the SNP’s obsession with re-joining the EU following independence. One of its founder members, Ewan Gurr, formerly network manager for the Trussell Trust in Scotland, expressed this eloquently to me last night. “The reason we feel compelled to get out of the political trenches despite having already left the European Union is because the SNP have become European Unionists. They are obsessed with EU readmission and fail to recognise that more than one million Scots, without a visible campaign for leaving the European Union, voted to leave in 2016.”

The Scotsman: New pro-Brexit Scottish independence party launches Holyrood campaign with attack on SNP record

The party’s interim deputy leader, Donald Morrison, left the SNP after more than half a century as a member. …

“What is the point of gaining independence from Westminster only to surrender it to Brussels?” Mr Morrison asked.

The National: New pro-independence party Restore Scotland launches

“There is currently no voice in Scotland for those who wish to come out of Westminster and stay out of the European Union. The parties at Holyrood offer an illusion of choice.”

Shetland News: Nugent stands for ‘double out’

Local pro-independence campaigner Brian Nugent is the fourth candidate to join the election campaign to become MSP for Shetland.

The retired lecturer will stand as a candidate for Restore Scotland, a pro-independence party founded last year that wants Scotland out of the UK and out of the EU.

The National: Leaving the UK should not lead to us joining another in union in Europe

For years, SNP heavyweights including former deputy leaders, Jim Fairlie and Jim Sillars, have been eloquently making this case within the party for independence from both Westminster and Brussels for decades and have been sidelined. The SNP has moved from “broad church” Scottish nationalism towards EU unionism, “woker than thou” social policies which are out of sync with swathes of the Scottish electorate and a reactive authoritarianism which has left many politically homeless.