sovereignty Launched Today!

Today, 17 March 2021, Restore Scotland officially launch as Scotland’s newest political party.

Founded in 2020 and registered with the Electoral Commission in 2021, the party stands for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom and European Union.

The launch, which will be online due to current lockdown restrictions, will feature interviews with a small number of those involved in the growing movement. Among those interviewed is interim leader David McHutchon, who says: “A new space has opened up in Scottish politics for a party which believes in true independence. There is no voice in Scotland for the double out position – for coming out of Westminster and staying out of the European Union – there is only the illusion of choice.”

Speaking last week in the constituency of Banffshire and Buchan Coast, where he will stand as a candidate for the Scottish Parliament, David, 38, says: “People legitimately state we have left the European Union so why is there a need for a party opposed to political union with Brussels? The need exists precisely because the Scottish Government are clear about their desire to pursue readmission. He adds: “The idea that the Brexit battle has been won particularly in a Scottish context is wrong.”

“While we affirm the right of our people to individual autonomy and self-government, we represent the mainstream on many domestic issues which is broadly in line with the common-sense instincts of ordinary Scots. Our commitment to, for example, individual liberty stands against the authoritarianism of legislation like the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act and our commitment to public health conflicts with policies that have sacrificed multiple lives to drug deaths in Scotland.”

The launch also includes Donald Morrison who, after 54 years of Scottish National Party membership, has joined Restore Scotland as interim deputy leader. Speaking last week from his home in the constituency of Aberdeenshire West, Donald says: “I have been a passionate advocate of Scottish independence for over half a century. I joined the SNP in 1966 and have been a lifelong supporter but became increasingly exasperated by the party’s insistence on re-joining the European Union.”

Donald added, “What is the point of gaining independence from Westminster only to surrender it to Brussels? It is illogical and when canvassing, pre-Covid-19, on doorsteps in Aberdeenshire, it was a question I was consistently asked and completely unable to answer. Over one million Scots voted to leave the EU, many of whom are supporters of Scottish independence, but the SNP has shut them up and shut them out. Now they have a choice – Restore Scotland.”

Update: You can now watch the launch video via the following link: